Monday, September 18, 2017

Fourth Grade 2017-2018! by Mrs. Brandt

I'm loving working with the new fourth graders here at Bethlehem Lutheran!  They are cooperative, hard working, and responsible.  They are fun too!

Last Wednesday they were the older "buddy" for a three year old preschooler while at our weekly chapel.  They did an awesome job!  All helped them sit and stand, do motions for our praise songs, and danced the offering envelope up to the offering plate in the front.  The three year olds seemed happy to have made an "older" friend too.  Below are some pics from our chapel and while in the preschool room.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Our day in the past-1896

The second and third graders enjoyed a unique field trip to a one room school house owned by Hartley Nature Center called Fowler School.  We took our ancestor's names for the day, dressed in old fashioned clothes and learned in the traditions of that time era. We used McGuffy Readers, Ray's Arithmetic book, tried using ink pots and pens, memorized geography and history answers from 1896, and performed memorized poems.  We enjoyed recess and lunch on the porch and did some pretending with the Dunce cap!  We had a great day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Living Wax Museum

The Living Wax Museum is one of my favorite projects!  The kids did a great job of reading a biography, taking notes, writing a report, memorizing a speech, making a poster and finding a costume!  The results were great!  We enjoyed visitors of students, teachers, family and friends.  Good job everyone!

Smiles because of a job well done!

Jonathan was Neil Armstrong.

Alexa was Elenor Roosevelt.

Katie was Rosa Parks.

Kal was Babe Ruth.

Gina was Leonardo Da Vinci.

Cameron was MartinLuther King Jr.

Olivia was Queen Elizabeth.

Ayanna was Amelia Earhart. 

Skyler was Robert E. Lee.

Dr. Fredericks toured the museum.

The Sowatskys enjoyed the speeches.

Kindergarteners listened attentively. 

More visitors.

Mrs. Wilson enjoyed the museum.

Family members visited during touring hours as well.

Thank you to all of our visitors!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Hands/Heart Photo and Frame

Thank you to all who contributed to the baskets for the silent auction coming in April. This occurs along with the performance of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  The photo below was what was used to make a wonderful hands and heart photo with Bible verse for one of the baskets.  Each student in third grade is included.  The white frame and matting set off the red heart perfectly thanks to Stacy Stahl.  Come and bid on the basket so that this remembrance of Bethlehem students and meaningful Bible verse can be displayed in your home!

Lutheran Schools Week pictures

Lutheran Schools Week celebration has passed, but NOT the reason for Christian schools!  Now that Easter break is over the third grade is ready for just ten more weeks of learning together.  The second and third grade created this bulletin board together.  We are so thankful that we can pray together at any time.  The handprints contain a prayer that includes praise, confession, thankfulness, asking for help, and closing.  Jesus hears us each and every time we pray.

Bethlehem school kids learn together.  We visited the seventh and eighth grade room to practice our subtraction facts.  We helped them practice for their science test on bone names.

Bethlehem kids also serve Christ together.  We made Easter cards to give to shut-ins.  We also cleaned p the pew racks in church.  Our dress-up days were blue and gold day in honor of Lutheran High school Valley Lutheran, hat day, and pj day.  As you can see we are VERY tired on pj day.  The teacher/photographer apparently was too as evidenced by the blurry picture!